ESAI Power LLC is an energy research and consulting firm. ESAI maintains and routinely updates long-term market forecasts for the major hubs and zones in each of the Northeast markets, along with detailed market commentary and thought leadership.

Our published reports focus on market dynamics and energy price forecasts by region and zone, and gas forecasts for the Northeast US (New England, New York and PJM). These reports contain varying degrees of market analysis, policy updates, insights on changes in market design, focus sections on key issues of the period, and our forecasts. All the publications combine to form ESAI’s Northeast Power Service, which we offer to clients through annual retainer agreements.

Ongoing analysis is required to produce these reports, which form the basis for ESAI’s understanding of the three Northeast markets and their design.

Quick Facts

  • Energy research & consulting firm, founded in 1984, focused on North American power markets.
  • Grounded in empirical research and practical, analytical innovation, leading to actionable advice and guidance.
  • Provide ongoing market analysis, research & forecasting services, regulatory insight and assessment of market dynamics to corporate, financial, end-user, regulatory, and policy clients globally.
  • Conduct strategic planning, asset valuations, market studies, economic and political market analysis, deliver consulting projects focused on the power and natural gas industries.
  • Provide expert witness support in litigation and arbitration.

Our Clients Include:

  • Power Marketers
  • Financial Institutions
  • generators
  • utilities
  • regulators
  • developers
  • end-users

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