Our History

Energy Security Analysis, Inc. (ESAI) is an energy research and forecasting firm that has provided a wide range of services to energy and energy related companies all over the world since 1984.

Stockwatch cover In 1978, ESAI began building a database of commercial and government-held oil inventories for every country that held inventories and tracked them in their national statistics. This led to the launch of Stockwatch in 1984. Since then, ESAI has also collected data on supply and demand. Where data were not available from official sources, ESAI developed analytical tools to formulate the volumes. As a result, ESAI has a long history of sourcing and understanding empirical, fundamental petroleum data in countries all over the world.

ESAI’s 25-year experience with collecting and interpreting data from both emerging and established countries has led to the development of a unique and comprehensive source of fundamentals information. With this data base, ESAI analyzes the supply/demand factors which shape oil prices and integrates that analysis with its ongoing political, financial and regulatory research to determine future market trends. In 2007, ESAI began tracking similar data on alternative transportation fuels and integrated those data and analysis into its petroleum market view to develop a global liquid fuels analysis. ESAI’s liquid fuels market view ranges from one week to 25 years and covers every country in the world. In 2009, ESAI added petrochemicals and Eurasian natural gas to its suite of offerings.

Oil RigIn 1997, ESAI launched its North American power and natural gas practice, analyzing forecasts in respective markets. ESAI has developed a power pricing model that provides the basis for advising clients with regard to ongoing market developments and providing detailed valuation of power generation assets.

In 2009, ESAI formed ESAI Energy, LLC to carry on the international petroleum and alternatives practice and ESAI Power, LLC to carry on the North American power and renewables practice.