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Sarah Emerson discusses oil and gas prices at the Flame Conference 2011 in Amsterdam.


NPR Marketplace, March 19, 2010

Sander Cohan discusses gasoline tax proposed by new climate change bill.

Webinar: Russian Crude Exports: A Five-Year Emerging Transformation

Featured Speaker: Andrew Reed Principal, Head of Russia & Caspian Practice

ESAI's Russia and Caspian Oil Advisory Practice provides deep comprehensive sector expertise that incorporates geopolitical, economic, regulatory, and stakeholder related issues that influence the supply and demand of oil and natural gas. The service provides key insights to understanding this mercurial region from the inside out.

Webinar: ESAI's Forecast of Alternatives and Fuel Economy to 2025

Featured Speaker: Sander Cohan Principal, ESAI

Our interactive presentation, based on the foundation of Scatter Shot Reform: Fuel Engine Pathways for Automotive Transport - 2010-2025, features ESAI's insight and analysis of the forces that will change the global evolution of gasoline and diesel demand over the next 15 years.

Bloomberg Business, May 18, 2007

Rick Mueller discusses the future of oil prices and capacity on Bloomberg Business Hotline