Our Expertise:

Energy Security Analysis, Inc. (ESAI) is an energy research and development firm which currently works with a large number of power marketers, financial institutions, generators, regulators, developers, and end-users. The ESAI Power and Gas practice is well positioned to assist clients with valuable and practical insights into these markets.

Our understanding of the Northeast power markets, particularly with regard to the interplay between energy, capacity, transmission and gas issues is second to none. Changes in transmission topology, capacity market design, energy market heat rates and regulatory issues are all inextricably linked to one another. ESAI Power’s analysis, market expertise, and guidance have been building blocks for our clients’ development of merchant transmission lines, conventional generation, and renewable energy projects. We have conducted numerous asset valuations; assisting clients on both buy and sell-side transactions. Our analysis is used in real-time development and we know full well how the capacity, energy, and transmission market components interact in both the near and long term markets.

Our economic assumptions, forecasts, and revenue projections formed the basis of the financial support for the Neptune RTS DC transmission line project; now in operation and transferring power from PJM to Long Island. Currently we are providing the same "market sensitive" analysis to other asset buyers and project developers. ESAI Power’s analytics and market insights can be applied to wide array of power applications including assessments of transmission congestion, renewable energy credit markets, CO2 and emissions issues, and demand response and energy efficiency.

The analysis and insight produced is used by an extensive client base which relies on us for the precise application of our analytical results not only in large project development, but also in ongoing operations. ESAI Power’s intimate knowledge of the grid and our capacity to provide real-world results with practical insights distinguishes us as a premiere market consultant able to apply meaningful market analysis to "real-time" business decisions.

Selected Projects:

Following is a short list of select projects conducted by ESAI Power in the last few years. The examples are intended to provide insight into the capabilities of our practice and some ways in which they can be applied.


Midwest ISO & Iowa Wind Queue Assessment

Summary: ESAI analyzed the current MISO interconnection queue for generation projects in and around central Iowa; encompassing some 7,000 MW. Developer was interested in ESAI’s view on the probabilities for completion of many of the projects, specifically.

Generation Portfolio Valuation & Market Study - New York

Summary: ESAI advised client on the economics and value of its portfolio of thirteen (13) generation assets producing some 4,200 MWs of electricity in New York.

Renewable Transmission Development - New York

Summary: ESAI authored a study assessing the potential development of a transmission line from upstate New York in Zone F to Manhattan and New Work City, Zone J. The line would carry renewable energy from Zone F. ESAI advised on status of transmission development in NY, the pros and cons of such, and the general willingness of various groups in New York state to support such development in concert with the leaders of a New York regulatory agency, and modeled impacts on the system from withdrawal and injection perspectives.


White Paper on State of Transmission - New York

Summary: ESAI authored a white paper on the status of transmission development, the pros and cons of such development, and the general willingness of various groups in New York state to support such development in concert with the leaders of a New York regulatory agency.

Generation Portfolio Evaluation & Market Study - Northeastern US

Summary: ESAI advised client on the economics and value of its portfolio of eight (8) generation assets producing some 5,000 MWs of electricity in New England and New York.


Sell-Side Asset Valuation - New York

Summary: ESAI conducted a full scale asset valuation and advised client on the economics around the divestiture/sale of a very large generating asset in Zone J in New York, providing some 20% of the power for New York City.

Market Study & PPA Assessment/Negotiation - Delaware

Summary: ESAI advised client on the economics around the building of a large wind farm in Delaware, as well as providing guidance and counsel as they negotiate a PPA with the local utility.


RTO Expansion Study For PJM

Summary: A study on the impact of PJM’s expansion on PJM itself and on the electric markets of the new PJM service areas in OH, KY, VA, WV, IL, IN, MI.

For more information about ESAI Power & Renewables, please contact Director of Business Development Tommy Sutro at tsutro@esai.com