Capacity Watch- April 2015

Significant developments in the three Northeast capacity markets.

SUMMARY: This issue of Capacity Watch discusses several important capacity market developments over an eventful first quarter of 2015. In PJM, the Capacity Performance (CP) docket before FERC continues, with PJM responding to questions raised in March 31 in a deficiency letter. FERC has also granted PJM a tariff waiver to allow the 2018/19 BRA to be delayed until after the Commission has reached a decision about the CP rules. ESAI presents an outlook for the upcoming BRA, both with and without the CP rules in place. For New York, ESAI asseses the ICAP market outlook in light of an increased forecast for growth in energy efficiency and customer-sited solar resources. For New England, ESAI recaps the Ninth Forward Capacity Auction (for 2018/19) and discusses late updates on peak load forecasts and implementation of capacity zones for the 2019/20 capacity auction.

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