Authors: Paul Flemming, José Rotger and Chris Kostas
Here is a sample of information from ESAI's JULY 2011 NORTHEAST ENERGY WATCH MONTHLYTM Report

SUMMARY: In this month’s issue of Energy WatchTM, ESAI examines the issues surrounding the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, (RGGI). RGGI prices have been clearing at the floor due to the high caps relative to CO2 output. With prices
clearing at the floor, some states are challenging the relevance of RGGI and are looking to pull out of the program.

In PJM, the energizing of the TrAIL project in late May has had less impact on PJMWH heat rates and zonal
price spreads than expected. ESAI examines the year on year impacts for its first full month of operations in June.

In New York, ESAI examines the impact of wind generation on market heat rates and capacity factors for
plants in northern New York after observing lower operations at the Saranac combined cycle facility.

Find out more in this issue of ESAI’s Northeast Energy Watch MonthlyTM.

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