Our Power Practice publishes TRANSMISSION WATCHTM as well as TRANSMISSION MEMO.


Here is a sample of information from ESAI'S Q1 2012 TRANSMISSION WATCHTM report.

SUMMARY: For transmission owners and service providers, much of 2012 will be devoted to compliance with FERC’s landmark rule on transmission planning and cost allocation – Order No. 1000.  This quarter’s Transmission Watch focuses on one of the most controversial aspects of that order:  the removal of any rights of first refusal granted to incumbent transmission owners to build, own and operate projects in regional transmission plans.  Our Project Update section revisits the Northern Pass Project between Quebec and New England.

TRANSMISSION Memo - March 2012

The strict application of “bright-line” criteria in PJM’s transmission planning process has wreaked havoc on the reliability analyses and need determinations for several PJM backbone projects, and may not be appropriate for addressing transmission needs from public policy requirements.  On February 29, PJM filed at FERC a set of revisions to its planning process intended to supplement the bright-line tests with additional factors (including public policy objectives) to allow projects to continue to be deemed as needed even if they fail a later reliability analysis’s bright-line test.  PJM also proposed to expand the role of state regulators in the planning process.

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