Week of: Publication Timing
Capacity Watch – NYISO Update October
Capacity Watch – ISO-NE Update October
Capacity Watch
PJM Update 11/7/2022
Final BRA Preview and Sensitivity Cases
Quadrennial Filing
NYISO Update 11/14/2022
Summer Peak & LCR updates
Annual demand curve updates
Review of November spot auction
ISO-NE Update
FCA 17 FERC filing 11/21/2022
Long-term forecast
PJM Post BRA Report
NYISO Update
Final IRM and Peak Load
ISO-NE Update
Final FCA 17 preview and sensitivity cases
Capacity Accreditation
Energy Watch
Q3 Forecast 11/21/2022
Q4 Forecast 12/19/2022
October Look-backs 10/31/2022
Forecast discussion 10/31/2022
Gas piece 10/31/2022
Renewables Watch
Issue NE Section; MA CES Update (or Emissions Watch?) 11/7/2022
Issue PJM Section (Julia / James) 11/21/2022
Issue NY Section (Julia / James) 11/28/2022
Issue OSW Piece 12/19/2022
Emission Watch
Social Cost of Carbon Update (Julia) 10/24/2022
CCR Update (Jenna & Julia) 10/31/2022
RGGI Historical Q1 -Q3 & Projected Q4 Emissions 11/14/2022
MA CO2 Pgrm Update 11/14/2022
Review of 2022 Emissions (OS CSAPR Program) 11/14/2022
Ozone and PM2.5 NAAQS Update 11/28/2022
Congestion Watch 10/31/2022
Transmission Watch
Q2 NYISO – Planning & Tx Project Summary 10/24/2022
Global piece on FERC Tx NOPR 11/14/2022
ISONE – OSW Tx (challenges and developments) 12/5/2022
PJM – OSW Tx (challenges and developments) 12/12/2022
NYISO – OSW Tx (challenges and developments) 12/19/2022
Energy Asset Database
Nov Update 10/31/2022
Dec Update 11/28/2022