ESAI Power is a market-research and consulting firm that delivers focused analysis of the wholesale power markets in the Northeast region of the US: PJM, NYISO & ISO-NE.

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ACORE Finance Forum

ESAI Power Sponsors ACORE Renewable Energy Finance Forum | Renewables News

ESAI Power is excited to spend time with clients, partners and friends at the ACORE Finance Forum in New York on June 7th & 8th and talk through Renewable Energy Project Finance challenges and opportunities. If you’re planning to attend, please email Brian Doyle on to schedule a meeting with our Capacity or Renewable Energy teams.
Capacity Watch Blog

PJM BRA 2023/24 Capacity Price Forecast | Capacity Watch Blog

ESAI Power’s recent Capacity Watch includes our forecast for the PJM BRA 2023/24. Our PJM analysis this quarter includes ESAI’s forecast for the PJM BRA 2023/24 and reflects upon MOPR, MSOC, ELCC and VRR Curves.
Energy Watch Blog

Are Power Forwards Overvalued for Summer 2022? | Energy Watch Blog

Power forward contracts for this summer are trading north of $100/MWh in PJM, NYISO, and ISO-NE. Implied forward spark spreads – an indicator of the profitability of gas-fired power plants – have exploded, greatly exceeding anything that has historically been realized in the power markets.

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Please visit our Free Trial Report Request form to request up to (3) three of our comprehensive research product reports. Capacity WatchTM, Northeast Energy WatchTM Monthly & Quarterly, Transmission WatchTM, Renewables WatchTM, Emissions Watch TM, Energy Asset Database, Congestion WatchTM, Next-Week & Bal-Week Report and Natural Gas Fund Watch.

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Renewables Watch TOC

Download the Table of Contents & Executive Summary from our inaugural issue of Renewables WatchTM, a quarterly research report series covering the ongoing developments in clean energy and renewable power. Renewables WatchTM brings the same detailed coverage we have provided for the energy, capacity, and other markets to the renewable energy sector.

Our Offerings

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ESAI Power provides research products & consulting services for Northeast power market participants including investors (banks, private-equity, & hedge funds) & developers, generation owners & operators, utilities & retail electricity suppliers, regulators & RTOs, traders, and end-users & buyers.

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ESAI Power provides comprehensive research product publications covering all aspects of the Northeast power markets (capacity, energy, transmission, renewable energy, emissions, etc.) on an annual retainer basis which includes direct access to analysts for market updates and on-demand queries.

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ESAI Power leverages its ongoing Eastern United States power market research to provide robust custom consulting services to our customers. We help our clients better navigate power market issues in the PJM, NYISO and ISO-New England regions that directly affect company outcomes and operating revenues.

A Sample of Our Research Publications

Capacity Watch Graphic

Capacity WatchTM provides capacity price forecasts and in-depth analysis of the market and policy issues that impact capacity price outcomes in ISO-New England, NYISO, PJM and California energy regions.

Energy Watch Monthly Graphic

Energy Watch MonthlyTM analyzes market conditions and policy issues that influence zonal energy pricing dynamics over the next 10 years in each of the Northeast power pools plus providing natural gas forecasts and commentary.

Transmission Watch Graphic

Transmission WatchTM provides insights into the regulatory and market issues that can drive or delay transmission investment. ESAI closely tracks project development and construction of transmission infrastructure.


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Download our Solutions for Utilities & Retail Electric Suppliers brochure showcasing how utilities and retail providers can leverage ESAI Power’s comprehensive overviews of energy and capacity markets, including forecasts, data, reports and access to senior analysts.

Power Market Data & Insights

ESAI Power is leveraged by energy professionals as an objective partner to assist in critical investment and trading decisions.