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FERC Approved PJM Queue Reform Proposal | Renewables Watch Blog

RGGI Auction 58 Clears at $12.99 | Emissions Watch Blog

MISO Capacity Price Forecast PRA 2023/24 | Capacity Watch Blog


Renewables Watch Blog

FERC Approved PJM Queue Reform Proposal | Renewables Watch Blog

FERC Approved PJM’s Queue Reform Proposal. These reforms are intended to address the significant backlog of generation projects with queue positions awaiting ISAs or WMPAs. With this approval, PJM will process New Service Requests under a “first-ready, first-served” approach going forward rather than its current “first-come, first-served” approach.
Emissions News

EPA Proposes Tightening Fine Particulate Matter Standard, Potentially Affecting Coal Power Plants | Emissions News

Ethan Howland reports in Utility Dive that in a move that could add to regulatory requirements for coal-fired power plants, the Environmental Protection Agency on Friday proposed tightening the primary annual air quality standard for fine particulate matter, called PM 2.5, to a range of 9 micrograms per cubic meter to 10 µg/m3 from 12 µg/m3. Coal plants owners in nonattaintment areas for a revised standard will have to meet requirements outlined in any approved state plans for meeting the federal PM 2.5 limit, according to Julia Criscuolo, ESAI Power manager of renewables and emissions.
Congestion Watch Blog

RGGI Auction 58 Clears at $12.99 | Emissions Watch Blog

The most recent RGGI quarterly auction (Auction 58) was held on December 7, 2022. The clearing price was $12.99/ton, three percent lower than the clearing price of $13.45/ton on September 7, 2022 (see Figure 1). Auction 58 represents the second consecutive auction with a clearing price lower than the previous auction, with both Auctions 57 and 58 clearing 3 percent below previous auction clearing prices.


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