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ESAI Power is a market-research and consulting firm that delivers focused analysis of the wholesale power markets in the Northeast region of the US: PJM, NYISO & ISO-NE.

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ESAI Power publishes research products and provides consulting services for Northeast power market participants including investors, generation operators, utilities, regulatory bodies, traders, end-users and developers.

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ESAI Power provides comprehensive research product publications covering all aspects of the Northeast power markets on an annual retainer basis which includes direct access to analysts for market updates and on-demand queries.

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ESAI Power leverages its ongoing Northeast power market research to provide robust custom consulting services, helping our clients better navigate market issues that directly affect company outcomes and operating revenues.


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CapacityWatchTM provides capacity price forecasts and in-depth analysis of the market and policy issues that impact capacity price outcomes in New England, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and California.

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Energy Watch MonthlyTM analyzes market conditions and policy issues that influence zonal energy pricing dynamics over the next 10 years in each of the Northeast power pools plus providing natural gas forecasts and commentary.

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Transmission WatchTM provides insights into the regulatory and market issues that can drive or delay transmission investment. ESAI closely tracks project development and construction of transmission infrastructure.

Power Market Data & Insights

ESAI Power is leveraged by energy professionals as an objective partner to assist in critical investment and trading decisions.