Paul Flemming

Executive Chairman

Paul Flemming is the Executive Chairman of ESAI Power LLC. Paul often serves as an editor on ESAI Power’s research. He also serves as Senior Consultant and Project Manager for consulting engagements. In 1999, Paul joined Energy Security Analysis, Inc. (ESAI) and in 2003 took responsibility for ESAI’s Northeast Power Service analytics and research. In 2009, he formed ESAI Power LLC and became Principal and Managing Director of this new entity independent of ESAI.

Prior to his roles at ESAI Power, Paul was Manager of Trading at Koch Industries and Caltex Petroleum (Chevron-Texaco) in Singapore. He also has experience in Project Development and Mergers and Acquisitions. Paul has over thirty years of experience in the energy field, largely in trading and market analysis.

Paul Flemming - ESAI Power