ESAI Power LLC Announces Publication of 2018 Q1 Northeast Energy Watch Quarterly™ | Energy Watch Blog

April 10, 2018 | energy-watch

ESAI Power LLC is pleased to announce the publication of our 1st quarter of 2018 Northeast EnergyWatch Quarterly™ publication. The issue addresses recent growth in natural gas production and expected costs of future supply.  ESAI has revised its long-term natural gas price forecast down compared to previous recent quarterly projections.  Discussed in detail is the natural gas supply and demand trends underlying this updated price outlook and the corresponding impact on power prices and spark spreads for each of the Northeast regions.  In addition to ESAI’s updated long-term gas price forecast, some supply and demand changes will affect power prices in all three Northeast (ISONE, NYISO & PJM) markets.  ESAI’s Q1 2018 forecast for the PJM energy market includes projections for additional regional hubs.  The PJM section discusses the outlook for each of these locations and the key drivers of regional differences in power prices and spark spreads.  Please see the accompanying excerpt for review.

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