ESAI Power Announces Release of New & Improved Next-Week & Bal-Week Reports

Published June 11, 2020

ESAI Power is pleased to announce the release of our newly updated and improved Next-Week & Bal-Week publications. This short-term outlook for the major hubs in ISO-NE, NYISO & PJM is published on Tuesday & Friday of every week. Of important note are changes to:

  • The addition of a “Bullish” or ”Bearish” or ”Mixed” overall risk indicator upfront in the beginning;
  • The addition of transmission outages and the subsequent effects on our forecast;
  • Inclusion of the high-level impacts of the transmission outages in the brief commentary;
  • A new and improved layout and formatting of the material in a clean and easily scanned manner.

This represents the first of many other report updates which will be forthcoming. If interested in learning more on how to gain access to this weekly publication, or seeking to add it to an existing membership, please reply via the email link below with a request for more information and we’ll be sure to send more details. Examples of the new and improved publication are linked below for your review.

Tom Bausemer
Chief Operating Officer
[email protected]

Bal-Week & Next-Week Reports