ESAI Power Launches Renewables Watch for NYISO, ISO-NE & PJM Wholesale Power Markets | Press Release

This report outlines regulatory and market factors that impact supply and demand balance forecast for Class I RECs

Wakefield, MA — August 5th, 2021 Today, ESAI Power, a market research and consulting firm, announced the immediate availability of its Renewables WatchTM Service which provides Class I REC (Renewable Energy Certificates) Price outlooks to 2030 for the ISO-NE & PJM power generation and transmission systems and the Supply & Demand Balance forecasts for the NYISO power generation and transmission system.

“Renewables WatchTM contains an update to our supply and demand balance of Class I RECs in ISO-New England, PJM, and New York plus a review of factors changing this balance,” said Julia Criscuolo, Manager of Renewables and Emissions Research at ESAI Power. “The renewable energy market in NYISO, PJM, and ISO-New England is very dynamic with significant growth in off-shore wind and solar power over the past five years.”

ESAI Power has a long history of forecasting Renewable Energy RECs on an annual basis since 2009 as part of their Energy WatchTM Service. An increase in demand from customers, new federal and state-mandated renewable energy targets, and a spike in Renewable Energy investment has driven customer requests for Renewable Energy updates and price forecasts.

Renewables WatchTM outlines regulatory and market factors that impact the supply and demand balance forecast for Class I RECs and project the supply and demand balance forecast for the next decade. Renewables WatchTM includes state by state Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requirements, information on Renewable RFPs, and information on battery storage mandates and incentives by state for PJM, ISO-NE and NYISO.

Renewables Watch is now available as part of ESAI Power’s Quarterly Power Service, focused on long-term energy price forecasting, and supporting investment planning and valuations of renewable energy assets.

About ESAI Power
Founded in 2001, ESAI Power is a market research and consulting firm delivering focused analysis on the wholesale power markets in the Northeast region of the US: PJM, NYISO, and ISO-New England. ESAI Power provides independent, unbiased research and analysis to a wide range of clients, including generation owners, investors, traders, transmission developers, RTOs, utilities, and end-users.

Energy WatchTM and Renewables WatchTM are registered trademarks of ESAI Power in the United States.

For more information about Renewables Watch and ESAI Power:
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ESAI Power
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