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NYISO Installed Capacity Market Summer Strip 2024 Update | Capacity Watch Blog

The NYISO Summer Capability Period will begin on May 1st, with the following auction schedule:
Wednesday, March 27th – The NYISO ICAP Summer 2024 Strip Auction Bid Period Opens.
Thursday, March 28th – The Summer Strip Auction Bid Period closes.
Monday, April 1st – Results of the auction are posted.
Tuesday, April 9th – First monthly auction for Summer 2024.
April 24th – 25th – May Spot Market Auction.
April 29th – May Spot Market Auction results are posted.

ESAI’s Capacity Watch update to clients discusses the key auction parameters, changes in supply since Summer 2023/24, and ESAI’s forecast for the Summer period.  ESAI’s NYISO Capacity Watch update includes predicted Summer 2024 Clearing prices for NYCA, Zone J, Zone K, and the G-J Locality.