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For Energy Investors & Developers and Generation Owners & Operators making investment and trading decisions in the PJM RTO, it’s imperative to have an in-depth market model with a deep analysis of the market fundamentals, the latest regulatory updates, and other rule changes that may impact pricing moving forward.

Surface level analysis is not enough when it comes to making investment decisions in the PJM Capacity Market. The PJM BRA for 2023/24 Delivery year is set to begin June 8, 2022.

ESAI Power’s recent Capacity Watch includes our forecast for the PJM BRA 2023/24. Our PJM analysis this quarter incorporates ESAI’s forecast for the PJM BRA 2023/24, and analyzes:

  • Four Market Rule changes (and what they mean for auction clearing prices)
  • Updated BRA parameters
  • Expected Supply and Offers for the PJM base residual auction

Capacity Watch’s coverage of the PJM major rule changes and market parameters are highlighted below.

Here are the four market rule changes that will impact 2023/24 BRA clearing prices:

  1. Revised MOPR provides exemptions for merchant entry along with resources added in response to public policy initiatives and incentives.
  2. MSOC – PJM will apply a revised MSOC with a default cap for existing resources based on a Net Avoidable Cost Rate (ACR).
  3. ELCC – an Effective Load Carrying Capability capacity accreditation approach will be applied for intermittent and duration-limited resources.
  4. VRR Curves methodology – the method for adjustments to the VRR curves has been revised for 2023/24.

PJM posted updated planning parameters for the 2023/24 BRA on February 28th. Final parameters for the BRA were initially posted in November 2021, in advance of the scheduled auction opening in January, and have now been updated due to the delay in the auction schedule resulting from FERC’s order on December 22, 2021. Read our initial analysis of the November parameters for 2023/24 BRA.

ESAI’s updated forecast, reflecting the PJM BRA parameters and rule changes, is discussed in the latest issue of Capacity Watch published recently to our subscriber base.

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